Do guys like girls that wear MAKE-UP?

Answer No!

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Would this make you uncomfortable Guys & Girls!?

I'm female. Women should not be ashamed of their periods. Its not dirty or gross. I dont know why its such a hush hush thing. If Im pmsing and my guy friends are around and I feel they should know ... Read More »

Girls and guys heres a question for you about make up.?

Not all guys are beautiful, I find it hard to find a beautiful natural guy, just like how it's hard to find a beautiful natural girl

Why do some girls and guys make fun of heavy set people ?

because they think its funny that the people are over weight and they are fortunate to not be fat, and try to make themselves feel better by t putting down other people.

Do you guys think girls with braces are ugly Do they make you look different Do they hurt Answer please.?

Girls with braces are not ugly, just because you have something extra on your teeth doesn't mean that you turn ugly. I have them right now and i think they suit me, they don't really look bad. I do... Read More »