Guys: Do you like it when girls wear makeup?

Answer only girls have answered this. Im a guy btw. Too much make up looks bad and you instantly think a girl is desperate if they are wearing too much of it. If a girl can look nice with no make up then ... Read More »

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Why do guys like when girls bite their lip?

I think it's just because it's a cute, nervous habit, like the way that girls like guys running their fingers through their hair. It's just sexy and playful to them for whatever reason.

Guys: do u like it when girls wear makeup?

It's like this: I like for my girl to look good. If I think they look good without makeup, I'll continually tell her she's gorgeous. If she looks terrible without makeup, I'll politely keep it to... Read More »

Do guys like it when girls wear heels?

I'm a guy and I'm fairly tall at 6ft 2. My girlfriend is 5ft 11 (barefeet) and she loves wearing heels. Some of her heels makes her stand around 6ft 4 or 5 tall. Therefore she can be taller then me... Read More »

Do guys like when girls dont wear makeup?

meh i dont know how girls look without makeup they have makeup on 99.9% of the time so i wouldn't have a clue they would probably still look like humans without makeup not too sure though