Guys: Do you prefer girls who are tan or pale?

Answer not pale but not that artificial tan either in the middle ;]

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GUYS in your teens to 20s: do you like pale girls?

In terms of personally preference, yes.A couple years ago, when I watched Doctor Who, there was an actor named Karen Gillan. She's really pale too, I found her really attractive!

Are you more attracted to tan or pale skinned guys/girls?

It really depends on the person. I'm not stuck on one kind of skin color I like on a guy, but some look better tan and some look better pale.Example:Adrianna Lima and Scarlett Johansson, two beaut... Read More »

Ok question for the guys rlly important. (GUYS ONLY, NO GIRLS!!)?

I just wanted to say this is a very interesting question that I would too like the answer. I'm gonna star you...hope you get some great answers

Who Looks More Attractive ""African Guys Or American Guys""(Only Girls)?

depends. its not about skin color, there are hot white and african guys