Why is it that all guys like girls that have big boobs i mean i am a 40 d?

Answer Since you are posting your question under the Computer & Internet>Programming & Design category, let me try to answer your question from a computer programming point of view. I would guess that th... Read More »

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Guys! Do guys like girls who have a lot of muscles or...?

I think men want women who are smaller than themA small amount of muscle looks good on womenJust sont overdue it.they want to pick you up and spin you around cuz they can. A little bit of curves he... Read More »

Do guys actually like ditzy girls like that girl on victorious With the red hair ariana grande?

Some guys do, but most guys find that extremely annoying. Guys like smart girls. So, don't be something your not because guys hate that.

Perfumes That Guys Like?

Scent is a personal thing. Everyone has different body chemistry which means that different scents smell different on people. Scent can also attract the opposite sex. While the perfumes that guys l... Read More »

Do guys like girls that....?

I like girls who don't use too much makeup...I believe that a girl should be naturally beautiful and shouldn't need makeup to make her that way...but a little eyeshadow and eyeliner can be nice. A... Read More »