So girls.....are you the same as guys in this respect?

Answer No, it's a vagina and they're all different. Vaginas are kind of personal.

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Guys! Do guys like girls who have a lot of muscles or...?

I think men want women who are smaller than themA small amount of muscle looks good on womenJust sont overdue it.they want to pick you up and spin you around cuz they can. A little bit of curves he... Read More »

If i uninstall pinger will i still have the same same number?

If you are signed in you will have the number unless you are inactive for 60 days

Why did guys normally ask girls for there bb pin,email address,phone number and other communicating names.?

So he can communicate with her, possibly sees something in her or just wants to be a friend

**for guys** do girls have to be pretty?

1. no not at all!2. doesn't matter-- no ones perfect!3. doesn't matter-- no ones perfect!4. yea, but i do not like a lot of make up5. no, I like little or no makeup-- but i love black eyeliner ever... Read More »