So girls.....are you the same as guys in this respect?

Answer No, it's a vagina and they're all different. Vaginas are kind of personal.

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Guys! Do guys like girls who have a lot of muscles or...?

I think men want women who are smaller than themA small amount of muscle looks good on womenJust sont overdue it.they want to pick you up and spin you around cuz they can. A little bit of curves he... Read More »

Why is the amount of GB displayed or advertised on your hard drive/SD card not the same amount you get?

HIYou are partially right.There are alot of programs that ''steel'' Bytes from your hard disk.Its called ''nesecary evil''.

Do Kings, 100's, 120's and other sizes of cigarettes have the same amount of tobacco?

Girls, do u think i have just the right amount of body hair?

If you're happy with it,then don't change it.I guess everyone had their ideals,but I know for me,I don't really get hung up on the exact amount of body hair a guy has.While I guess if I had to pick... Read More »