Do gutter guards cause icicle formation?

Answer Yes, gutter guards can cause icicle formation. The reason the icicles form is that the metal on the guards is very cold. When the melting snow hits it, it refreezes the water and forms icicles.So... Read More »

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What Are the Different Types of Gutter Guards?

Many people do not think about their gutters on a regular basis, and this is a mistake because gutters are a critical component of a home. If gutters are allowed to clog to the point that the water... Read More »

Cause of ice formation in suction line in split ac?

4 things could be happening. your condensing or evaporative coils are dirty.(youtube has many videos on how to clean them) your low on freon, or you have a dirty filter. i would start with checkin... Read More »

There are two guards guarding doors One of the guards is guarding the door to heaven and one guard is guarding the door to hell The one that guards hell always lies what question do you ask them to?

Or ask: "If I were to ask the other guard what door was the door to heaven what would he say? Then once they answer pick the other door.

Does the national guards pay more than the coast guards?

A service member serving on active duty in the Coast Guard would receive more money from their branch of service than a National Guard member serving in a reserve capacity would. However, the pay s... Read More »