Do gums grow back after being damaged by hard brushing?

Answer i worked in an dental office for 3 years and saw several people with receding gums due to hard brushing. i don't think it has to do with them growing back, they have been pushed back exposing more ... Read More »

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Can brushing your gums too hard cause a sore?

Brushing your gums too hard may cause sores and bleeding if you abrade the gums while brushing. Additionally, overzealous brushing causes the gums to recede and may wear down tooth enamel. The Coll... Read More »

Does Hair Grow Back Thicker After Being Shaved?

You shaved your face and it seems like it made things worse and has left you wondering does hair grow back thicker after being shaved? While the hair may appear darker and heavier than you remember... Read More »

How long does it take for a baby box turtle's shell to grow back after being attacked by a dog?

It may take months or years for a turtle shell to heal completely. A turtle bitten by a dog needs prompt medical attention from a veterinarian to prevent a serious and sometimes fatal bacterial in... Read More »

Do gums grow back on their own?

Yes, it does grow back!But expect it to take a long time. Up to months, actually. The body has to put a lot of effort into bulding the new tissue, layer by layer, and that just does no happen overn... Read More »