Do gummy bears change the flavor of liquids if i put them in?

Answer If a gummy bear is left in a cool liquid, it will dissolve over time and eventually impart flavor to the liquid in which it is in. If a gummy bear is left in warm liquid, it will quickly dissolve a... Read More »

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Does cooking pasta in different liquids change the flavor?

Cooking pasta in different liquids will change the flavor of the finished dish by imparting some of the flavors of the liquid, reports Nancy Caivano in the article "Pasta, Risotto & You," published... Read More »

Gummy worms or gummy bears?

What do gummy bears contain?

Gummy bears are made of some basic ingredients. However, the addition of flavors, food coloring and vitamins, and the substitution of vegetarian ingredients, produce many varieties of the popular c... Read More »

I ate four gummy bears! Am I going to die?

No you'll be fine unless you are allergic to the ingredients. Look up giant Gummy bear sweet and giant Gummy worm sweet (yes i know they are not vitamin pills) and i'm sure you'll be scared! I've a... Read More »