Do green tea supplements help?

Answer On One Hand: Long Tradition and Reportedly BeneficialGreen tea has a long history in alternative medicine, used as many as 5,000 years ago in China to maintain alertness during meditation. Proponen... Read More »

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What is the difference between Spirulina, Chlorella and Blue-green algae (As supplements)?

They all are super foods, but:Spirulina is shockful of valuable nutrients that boost the immune systemChlorella is also loaded with nutrients, but it is also very high in chlorophyll which detoxifi... Read More »

Can supplements help shin splints?

On One Hand: Omega-3 Can HelpShin splints, according to the Mayo Clinic, refers to a pain in your shin, which is the front part of the tibia. They can be caused by excess pressure on the bone, str... Read More »

Please help..where can I buy iron supplements?

Hi, the best and where my brother usually gets his is from Puritan Pride. They always have a buy one get another free deal. They are usually cheap, one bottle for under $10. My brother is 23, works... Read More »

What supplements help stop hair loss?

Hair loss has many causes, but one often overlooked is vitamin deficiency. Vitamins are essential for body function and help to regenerate cells, skin and hair. While it is important to maintain a ... Read More »