Do green and red apples grow an the same tree?

Answer No, they're different species.

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Do green&black olives grow on the same tree?

Green and black olives do grow on the same tree, because the colors correspond to the degree of the fruit's ripeness. Unripe olives are green. They mature to a deep purple or black color as they ri... Read More »

Can an apple tree grow four different types of apples?

Yes, but only if you graft three different varieties of apple branch onto the original tree.

Why are red apples sweet and green apples sour?

SR, I guess you haven't tasted very many different varieties of apples! Apples are green before they ripen, and they are sour until they mature. Some varieties, such as Granny Smiths, stay tart, ... Read More »

How would you grow apples without starting from apples seeds?

answer 2 The pip fruit trees such as apple and pears do not produce true to form plants. You are much ahead to obtain a grafted tree from a nurseryman.