Do grass carp eat algae?

Answer Yes, grass carp will eat algae growing nearby. However, they prefer to feed on vegetation that is rooted or submerged in the water before rising to the surface to snack on floating food, according ... Read More »

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What do grass carp eat?

Grass carp eat aquatic plants like various pond weeds, water celery, bladderwort, and cattail. The carp can live more than 10 years, grow to more than four feet in length, and weigh more than 40 po... Read More »

Do grass carp eat milfoil?

Although grass carp, a type of plant-eating fish, will sometimes eat milfoil, they generally consume other types of aquatic plants, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife. This type of sterile fish ... Read More »

How to Care for Grass Carp?

Grass carp technically are minnows, even though they can grow to 100 pounds or even more. They eat aquatic plants and can control weeds in a confined area, such as a lake or pond. Grass carp do not... Read More »

How to Catch Big Grass Carp?

Grass carp are considered a pest by many North American anglers. However, these fish can weigh as much as 100 pounds and offer a good fight on medium tackle, according to the Missouri Department of... Read More »