Do gophers eat raspberry roots?

Answer no. they eat dragonballs and honey nut cheerios.

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Do gophers&moles eat arborvitae roots?

Moles are carnivores who eat insects, worms and grubs. They may contribute to arbor vitae damage, however, because their tunnels provide an opening for plant-eating rodents to gain access to shrub ... Read More »

Does this sound good Chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream?

OMG when are you going to make this and can you PLEASE invite me when you do???? Raspberry and chocolate are my two favorite flavors together.

Do wisteria roots affect other tree roots nearby?

Wisteria roots are very strong, and will interfere with anything in their path, including other roots. You can bury a piece of corrugated plastic between the wisteria and the other plant to prevent... Read More »

What is the depth of roots of St. Augustine grass roots?

St. Augustine grass roots reach a depth anywhere between 40 to 60 centimeters or fifteen to 24 inches, depending on soil conditions, where it is growing geographically and climate conditions.Refere... Read More »