Do goldfish need light at night?

Answer On One Hand: Sudden Changes in Light Are BadGoldfish do not have eyelids and can't protect their eyes against sudden changes in light. Living in a small bowl or tank is stressful enough; flipping ... Read More »

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Do goldfish need the light on all the time?

On One Hand: Goldfish Need a Circadian RhythmAlthough goldfish are domesticated fish, they descend from the wild Crussian carp, according to the American Goldfish Association. Many goldfish are diu... Read More »

How many of You use a night light?

I never did till a while ago after my dog "Dakota" passed away♥ I have his box with his ashes in it where we call the "Hall of Fame" which is in the Hallway where all the family pictures are and ... Read More »

Do turtles need a light on at night?

On One Hand: Turtles Need Light During the DayPet turtles require access to heat and regular exposure to ultraviolet light, including UVA and UVB radiation, for proper health. In the wild, turtles ... Read More »

When was the night light invented?

The invention of the night light has been credited to Sol S. Eliot, who received the patent in 1965. At the time of his invention, Eliot was working for Crest Specialty Inc.References:Free Patents ... Read More »