Do goldfish have ears?

Answer While goldfish do not have external ears with an internal cochlea as humans do, they can in fact hear sound. Goldfish hear with the aid of an internal sensory organ called an otolith, which picks u... Read More »

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Do goldfish have lungs?

Goldfish do not have lungs. Instead, they breathe through their gills, the little slits on either side of their bodies just behind the head. As water filters through the gills, thousands of minusc... Read More »

Do goldfish have color vision?

In order to see color the retina must have color sensors called cones and the brain must be able to interpret the information from these sensors. Goldfish have cones and can see color.References:CC... Read More »

Does Windows XP Pro have the goldfish screensaver?

The aquarium screensaver featuring floating fish is installed on the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. The aquarium screensaver and other screensavers can be added and removed using the "Windo... Read More »

What is it called if i want to have surgery to have my ears pulled back because their wide?

The operation is called an otoplasty.