Do glass ionomers bond to enamel by acid etching?

Answer In dentistry, glass ionomers--a type of restorative dental material--bond chemically with tooth enamel and dentin via ionic exchange. As a result, glass ionomers do not require acid etching to bond... Read More »

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A few questions about acid-etching products for glass?

I used to do a lot of batik work using traditional batik wax tools. It's like drawing with hot wax. Maybe you could test it out on a piece of mirror. The rear surface of the mirror has metallic pai... Read More »

What is acid etching?

Acid etching is both an artistic and industrial process in which acids are used to create a design or prepare a surface for further work.Use in ArtAcid etching is an artistic process used to place ... Read More »

What Is Acid Etching & How Involved Is It on Cement?

Acid etching allows you to change and customize the look of your concrete surfaces. Paint does not adhere to a smooth concrete surface, and stain cannot penetrate finished concrete. Acid etching al... Read More »

Where did glass etching come from?

Acid glass etching originated in Sweden in the late 18th century and became popular in Britain in the mid-19th century in response to a drop in glass prices and glass taxes.References:Glass Etching... Read More »