Do girls think it's wrong for guys to cook?

Answer NO, i love it when guys cook, it shows that u dont just use ur gf or wife.

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Is it wrong for guys 2 like girls who wear very thick makeup?

no, not at all.... all girls need lovin........

Tattoos on girls.. what do guys think?

Well im a girl and i have 4 tattoos. After my first one i started to regret it because of the looks i got from people. But after a while i just thought screw them. If people cant accept me for the ... Read More »

GUYS: what do you think of vegetarian girls?

it doesn't matter, it doesn't change anything, they are who they are.

Guys:What do you think when you stare at girls?

Me personally , as most of you girls know alot of guys are sexual in nature, I try to imagine how the girl would look undressing slowly, whether she is trim or bare. Whether shes a moaner or screa... Read More »