Do girls really like it when guys tell them the size of there junk?

Answer No, I personally think it's a superficial and tacky way to try to impress a girl. However, if the girl asks about it...go right ahead and tell them!

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Do any girls really like long hair on guys?

No waaay, not past the shoulder. Maybe a little past the ears, but it all depends (:

How to Tell Someone You Don't Really Like Them?

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Do girls really like messing with their hair daily If they had choice, would they want short hair like guys?

i do like to do my hair every day when i get good results. Right now my hair is in an in between stage and it's very unmanageable and it does make me want to cut my hair off, but not really.

Why do guys like when girls bite their lip?

I think it's just because it's a cute, nervous habit, like the way that girls like guys running their fingers through their hair. It's just sexy and playful to them for whatever reason.