Do girls like to be naked in front of men?

Answer some girls do some are embarresed

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Do 13 year old girls like to be naked?

if they're exhibitionists or attention seekers they just might.

You are ten and you want to get naked in front of a boy should you?

No this is very inappropriate and you must not do it. Please tell your parents how you feel.

Should a boy go naked in front of his sister?

WOW! Seriously. You've got some serious problems. This question is just plain wrong. I really think it be SICK DISGUSTING if my brother were to do that. I would go to a boarding school if that woul... Read More »

Is it okay to be naked in front of your sister?

In some cultures of the world, childhood nudity is routine. In the United States (and I think this would be the pretty much the same in Britain and Europe), it depends on the family. In some famili... Read More »