How to Impress and Win Girls Using Compliments?

Answer Are you a lonely guy who wants a date? Are you looking for that special someone?

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Are there any Tumblr blogs that are for fashion for all shapes and sizes Like big girls skinny girls ext?

go to tumblrplug, click on the models category, and see if you can find any on there :)

Why do some girls not like beer or do they like it and think its just too manly?

A lot of girls dont like beer bc they dont like alcohol in general, so they figure if they are going to drink they need something harder then beer. Also because i think the stigma that goes along w... Read More »

How to Know what Girls Like in Middle School and Get Them to Like You?

In middle school, it's stressful. There's homework and tests.... and socializing. Do you like a girl? Are you afraid to approach her? Do you not know what she likes? Well, you're about to find all ... Read More »

How to Respond to Compliments?

When somebody compliments you, (i.e. "Nice hat.", "You look good") what do you do? Responding to a compliment can be tricky. Here are a few tips: