How to Impress and Win Girls Using Compliments?

Answer Are you a lonely guy who wants a date? Are you looking for that special someone?

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How to Take Compliments?

Congratulations! You've earned somebody's respect and admiration. What do you say to that? If you're flustered by praise, it's time to learn how to take a compliment at face value and appreciate th... Read More »

What's one of the creepiest compliments you've ever gotten?

"you have nice ears. they are so little and clean."wtf. who says that?

What Are Some Korean Compliments?

Compliments in Korean share many similarities to those in English, though compliments are less often exchanged and the subjects of such compliments are often different. The response to a compliment... Read More »

How to Respond to Compliments?

When somebody compliments you, (i.e. "Nice hat.", "You look good") what do you do? Responding to a compliment can be tricky. Here are a few tips: