Do girls have different looking vaginas?

Answer They vary enormously. One might be neat with short labia. Others are quite messy looking with great long droopy labia. It depends on the guy's taste what's nice. Another guy might not like what I l... Read More »

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How to Have a Different Hairstyle Every Day (for Girls)?

You know that girl who walks in every day with a DIFFERENT HAIRSTYLE? The one who people look forward to seeing because they want to see how their hair looks that day (no...I don't mean like Lady G... Read More »

Do blond overweight girls get more male attention than extreme skinny looking dark haired girls?

youve answered your own question. it has nothing to do with how they look rather how they present themselve. you said that the blondes were more bubbly while the skinny ones seemed uptight and unap... Read More »

Did Kendra Wilkinson of Girls Next Door have recent plastic surgery she looks completely different?

I have seen 2 different orthodontists for consultations and have gotten 2 different responses advice?

If I were you, I think I'd choose the university. While I would feel a little cautious about being treated by students, even if they're being overseen, it sounds like they'll be taking a much more ... Read More »