Do girls have a prostate?

Answer Females do not possess a prostate gland. It is a specialized male adaptation; its main function is to secrete an alkaline fluid that forms part of the seminal fluid. The muscles of the prostate als... Read More »

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What is prostate psa?

PSA tests are part of the routine medical monitoring that men receive beginning at approximately age 50. The results of PSA testing are significant in monitoring prostate health, primarily to detec... Read More »

How to do a prostate massage?

Here you go. This link explains the process.…

How much is a prostate exam?

For a man over 40, a prostate exam, or a rectal examination, is part of his comprehensive annual physical. Digital rectal exams are also offered by some physicians. The additional PSA blood test ra... Read More »

Is it to have sex with someone with prostate canser?

is it safe? sure. Possible? maybe. Is it pleasurable? Of course!Lots of men have prostate cancer that they don't know about yet. And you can bet that they are still having sex as long as they can.