Do girls have a prostate?

Answer Females do not possess a prostate gland. It is a specialized male adaptation; its main function is to secrete an alkaline fluid that forms part of the seminal fluid. The muscles of the prostate als... Read More »

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How long does someone have to live if they have prostate cancer?

There is no reason to die from prostate cancer. Your husband is fearful and/or selfish. Brachytherapy and radiation is the treatment I opted for. It was easy and relatively painless, and I am fully... Read More »

Do women have a prostate?

Traditionally, it was thought that only men had prostates, but now it has been discovered that women also have prostate glands, although they are different and less functional than men's. It used t... Read More »

How soon after a prostate biopsy can a man have sex?

On One Hand: At Least Two WeeksYou can have sex two weeks after your prostate biopsy, according to the health care company Bupa.On the Other: Six Weeks Is BetterYou should wait six weeks to begin h... Read More »

How soon after a prostate biopsy can a man have an orgasm?

On One Hand: Expect to Wait Two DaysUrologists generally recommend waiting at least two days after a prostate biopsy to resume sexual activity that involves ejaculating. Anecdotal evidence ranges f... Read More »