Do girls get tighter if they stop having sex?

Answer No.

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I tried but it's to hard to stop masterbating off girls and i want to stop!im just 14 please help!?

I extremely recommend reading the book "Every young man's battle." It will do you a world of good and will tell you how to stop and loads of other stuff. The material in that book is amazing, and w... Read More »

How to Stop Cutting (for Girls)?

If you've been cutting yourself, first, keep in mind: you are NOT alone! Cutting is a serious and fairly unknown epidemic among teenage girls. Sometimes the stress of life gets to be too much, and ... Read More »

When do girls stop growing?

People grow at different rates and stop at different ages. I was 5'8" at 12 years old and never grew any more. You might be done now, or you might have another year to go.

What age does girls feet stop growing?

Sometime your feet stops growing at 18 or at 20