Do girls feel they have to shave 'down there' to impress guys?

Answer yes girls have to shave down there, but not to impress the guy, this is a courtesy thing. guys you can learn a lesson from this also. hair = stink doesnt matter how well or how much you wash it. an... Read More »

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Poll: guys do you upload youtube videos to impress girls?

I upload public affairs series about sustainable transportation issues. If you know any girls that would impress, ask them to search for me on YouTube.

How to Impress an Athletic Guy (Guys)?

Want to seem like the superior athletic guy? Want to impress other fitness enthusiasts? Read on and you'll learn how.

How to impress the girls?

Knowing in what forum to post which question.

Ok question for the guys rlly important. (GUYS ONLY, NO GIRLS!!)?

I just wanted to say this is a very interesting question that I would too like the answer. I'm gonna star you...hope you get some great answers