Do girls care if guys have acne?

Answer i never really cared...its something that happens...and chicks like self-esteem anyways so just be awesome and youll be okay

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Acne has so many ways of arising that it is really hard to give you advice that is really suited to your needs. From my own experience I have learnt a few things which you can try but if your probl... Read More »

Do you think girls with acne are ugly?

if u cant get a guy because of how u look then u should look somewhere else.but u obviuously think that the reson u arent gettin a guy is because of acne but it might be because of how u act.just ... Read More »

How to Treat Acne For Teen Girls?

Being a teenager is hard enough without acne making it worse. There is such a stigma around people suffering from acne, with perceptions that they are "unclean" or are doing something wrong to crea... Read More »

How to Treat Acne for Teenage Girls?

If bad acne is holding you back, read on to discover how your skin can be the best.