Do gif images have a color profile?

Answer The GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) picture format is the most popular format for images used on the Internet today. GIF Images are made up of 2D pixels. These pixels are not technically colors, ... Read More »

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Is it illegal to put internet downloaded images on my own website for eg. funny images/ celebrities images.?

It shouldn't be risked.Unless you have permission, you should never do so without permission, else you risk yourself of getting into trouble with the website/company/organization -- which means leg... Read More »

Can I print color images from my computer to wood?

There are no consumer grade printers that print on wood. However, iron-on transfers designed for clothing will work on wood; just make sure to mirror the image before printing it out. The grain wil... Read More »

How do I change color profile on lcd tv for print?

This problem usually pertains to the ink cartridgesA ink cartridge or cartridges maybe low, empty or possibly cloggedFirst step is to see will if it print a test pageGo to Start, settings, printers... Read More »

How to Change the Profile Color in Gaia Online?

Gaia Online is a free anime-based website for social gamers where you can create a custom avatar and set up a personal profile to interact with other players. Player profiles can be edited to displ... Read More »