Do garbage kill plant and the environment?

Answer Well.. garbage pollutes the earth and sometimes the soil gets polluted or the air gets polluted so yeah. it's all connected.

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The Effects of Garbage on the Environment?

Garbage affects every area of the environment. The disposal of garbage by burning, dumping or even at waste disposal centers can cause irreparable damage to humans, marine life, wildlife and the ec... Read More »

What environment does the pitcher plant live in?

Pitcher plants (Nepenthes) are tropical plants, so they like heat and humidity. They also like bright but indirect light and well-drained soil that is loose enough to allow air to reach the roots. ... Read More »

How to Kill a Plant?

A plant.Have you had a plant that you want to kill? If you don't know how, read this article.

How to Kill a Banana Plant?

According to an article published by Purdue's horticulture website, followers of the Hindu faith have historically regarded the banana plant as a symbol of fertility and prosperity due to its "cont... Read More »