Do full spectrum light bulbs meet the new environment standards?

Answer Not all full-spectrum light bulbs meet the new environment standards. The standards are different in determining the type of light the bulb you have and seeing it if meets the standards.Source:natu... Read More »

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Do full-spectrum light bulbs contain mercury?

Full-spectrum light bulbs contain trace amounts of mercury. Full-spectrum light bulbs provide higher energy savings and performance than light bulbs without mercury. Dispose of them properly to pre... Read More »

Who makes Chromalux full-spectrum light bulbs?

Chromalux full-spectrum light bulbs are produced by Lumiram, a company that originated in Finland. Lumiram introduced the product line in the U.S. in the early 1970s. Its lighting technology provid... Read More »

Are Ott bulbs full spectrum?

Ott bulbs, better known as OttLite bulbs, offer full-spectrum lighting, which the compan has trademarked as High Definition Natural Lighting. The company claims the bulb not only provides for brigh... Read More »

The Biology of the Spectrum of Light in Regular Incandescent Bulbs?

An incandescent object is one that is heated until it glows. In a traditional light bulb, a thin tungsten filament is heated by an electric current, causing it to emit white light. ... Read More »