Do frozen drumsticks vegetable (saragwa) need to be peeled?

Answer Drumsticks are cooked in a number of ways. We use them a lot in Indian cooking but always keep the peel on because it's very hard to get rid of the peel when it's uncooked. After it's cooked, it sp... Read More »

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Does eggplant need to be peeled?

Eggplant skin is edible and does not have to be removed before cooking. However, it may be desirable to peel an eggplant for certain dishes. For example, it's best to leave the skin on for grilling... Read More »

How to Prune Frozen Root Vegetable Plants?

It is not uncommon for cold-season root vegetables to experience heavy frost that damages their stems and leaves. Despite its damaged appearance, frozen root vegetable foliage will not negatively i... Read More »

Can i recycle frozen vegetable bags in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles residents cannot recycle frozen vegetables bags in the curbside recycling program because these bags are generally made from low-density polyethylene (with a number "4" beneath the recy... Read More »

I need help to make frozen coke?

You can buy slushie makers in most appliance stores, they cost from $50-$100. You then make the slushie, or frozen coke, using ice and rock salt, and your flavoring(coke). Without a machine, yeah,... Read More »