Do frozen dinners have too much sodium?

Answer On One Hand: Too Much SodiumWhen busy adults can't find time to cook, they often resort to popping a frozen dinner in the microwave. But the sodium in frozen meals can be bad for the body. Frozen d... Read More »

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How do they make frozen dinners?

Frozen dinners, also known as TV dinners, have grown in popularity as microwaves have made their way into every home and office. And it is big business: Frozen dinner sales have reached about $4.5 ... Read More »

How healthy are Lean Cuisine frozen dinners?

On One Hand: Lean Cuisine Meals Offer Low-Cal VarietyLean Cuisine meals are portion-controlled entreés with a cup or two of vegetables. They are low in calories, containing about 200-400 calories ... Read More »

Are Boston Market frozen dinners gluten-free?

Boston Market frozen dinners are manufactured by Heinz. And according to the Heinz Consumer Resource Center, as of July 2010, there are no gluten-free Boston Market frozen dinners. Boston Market d... Read More »

How to Correct Low Blood Sodium by Eating High Sodium Foods?

Salt deficiency, or hyponatremia, is a condition in which the blood electrolyte levels drop to below average and even dangerous levels. The condition has many causes, including the consumption of t... Read More »