Do front Bumpers fit on any car?

Answer Well if they were made for that Make Model and model year then they will fit ANY made in that model year(usually the "generation" is multiple years, but still has to be in those years). You can't j... Read More »

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How to Align Front Bumpers on 2004 Tahoes?

When installing a front bumper, you have to be sure that all the clips and bolts are secured properly. If they are not, the bumper may hang off or be aligned incorrectly, which may cause unnecessa... Read More »

How to Fix Plastic Car Bumpers?

Modern cars no longer have chrome bumpers like their predecessors. Today most cars have plastic or polyurethane bumpers that are much less expensive to repair, and cause much less damage during a c... Read More »

How to Fix Plastic Bumpers?

The bumper protects the lower edges along the front and back of the car from damage upon impact. Plastic bumpers have a solid protective piece that rests on the car itself, while a large, hollow st... Read More »

Homemade 4X4 Bumpers?

Not only can home-built 4x4 bumpers look cooler and cost less than pre-made units, they give the truck owner the option to mount a winch, headlights and brush-guards in whatever way he chooses. Bum... Read More »