Do frogs have antibodies?

Answer Yes, frogs do have antibodies. These cold-blooded amphibians also have teeth and can hear. The average life cycle of a frog is between 4 and 15 years. However, a European Common Toad lived 40 years... Read More »

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Do frogs have scales?

Frogs, like toads and salamanders, are amphibians, which means that they are covered in a water-permeable skin, not scales. Frogs' skin can be smooth or bumpy in texture, and secretes a mucus to ke... Read More »

I have Frogs Croaking in My Back Garden?

Wow! I have the same deal going on in my back yard - I live in Oregon. No, they aren't toads like the other lady said because I have used a flash light when they are croaking at night and I have ... Read More »

Which Have Warts: Frogs or Toads?

Both frogs and toads have had to deal with the reputations of being wart carriers. The distinction is simple: frogs have smooth skin while toads have wart-like structures on their backs. These two ... Read More »

Why Do Some People Have Straight Hair and Others Have Curly Hair?

One of the best questions ever asked on yahoo..Very interesting question !!!Every hair on your head or on your body is made up of a root, the soft, bulb-shaped section under your skin, and the shaf... Read More »