Why do people like to smell their own fart but get grossed out when smelling other people fart?

Answer First off, who wipes their boogers on the covers>? That's really kinda gross. Anywho, it's true that most people don't mind the smell of their own farts or poos. But I'm not completely sure as t... Read More »

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Do frogs have antibodies?

Yes, frogs do have antibodies. These cold-blooded amphibians also have teeth and can hear. The average life cycle of a frog is between 4 and 15 years. However, a European Common Toad lived 40 years... Read More »

Do frogs have scales?

Frogs, like toads and salamanders, are amphibians, which means that they are covered in a water-permeable skin, not scales. Frogs' skin can be smooth or bumpy in texture, and secretes a mucus to ke... Read More »

What do rainforest frogs eat?

Rainforest frogs are carnivores and subsist on a diet of fruit flies, small crickets and other insects. Some of the poisonous frogs are that way because of the toxic ants they eat--the toxins do no... Read More »

What do garden frogs eat?

Garden frogs eat dead and live insects such as crickets, spiders, beetles and grasshoppers. They'll also eat bloodworms, which may be purchased at a pet store. The insects should never be any wider... Read More »