Do flowers change color?

Answer Plants can have flowers that change colors as a result of aging, stress and soil type. A change of color can be a signal in some flowers, such as lungworts and forget-me-nots, to bees that the flow... Read More »

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Can orchid flowers change color?

Some orchid flowers will change color slightly as buds open and flowers mature. The plant will always produce the same color flowers in the end (as dictated by its genetics); however, during the fl... Read More »

What gives flowers their color?

Genes and pigmentation are the primary things that decide the color of flowers. Pigments are naturally occurring substances that interact with the genes of plants to affect the coloration of petals... Read More »

What color are buttercup flowers?

Buttercup flowers, from the genus Ranunculus, are primarily a bright yellow, with some species producing white petals instead. These flowers are widespread and commonly considered weeds, showing up... Read More »

What color are the flowers on poinsettias?

What appear to be flowers growing out of the poinsettia plant are actually the plant's upper leaves (bracts) bunched together. These upper leaves are commonly grown in red, but they are also availa... Read More »