When you throw in land it can not break but when you throw in water it break?

Answer When you throw something in the water it will not break, only get water logged and stop working.

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Is it a sign of pregnancy if a long-time smoker feels like she is going to throw up every time she has a cigarette?

well sweety it could be a sign. When i was pregnant i knew right away because every time i was going to smoke a cig i felt like throwing up. i hope this helps but you should do a pregnancy test.

I have to leave the garage door open all the time and flies get in...?

Try fly strips and hang them near were the fly convention is Until you figure out an alternative option for the dog like a doggy door or something that's covered You are not going to get rid of the... Read More »

Has anyone noticed an increase in tiny flies at this time of year?

moist damp weather can do that at this time of year.

Every time I eat I feel like I'm going to throw up?

If the nausea occurs after consuming things like apples, onion, watermelon, cucumber, red pepper, coffee, chocolate, fatty/fast food, cabbage, beans, peas or freshly baked bread, then it may well b... Read More »