Do flatbed scanners work work upside down?

Answer sure it will.i had mine on its side cuz i had very little desk space and alot of pc stuff, so i had no other choice.yes, it will work. they just scan anything at any angle.

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How well to those Topsy Turvy upside down tomato planters work?

I love them - I grow my roma tomatoes in them - however due to the weight, a shepherds hook can't support it - you will need to run some string from the shepherds hook and stake them to the ground ... Read More »

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Less whining more dancing,I'm not paying you to talk. . . . . .

What are flatbed scanners?

A flatbed scanner is a device that is used to copy papers, book pages or photos and save them as digital files. Flatbed scanners open to reveal a piece of glass that you lay your document on. The a... Read More »

Facts About Flatbed Scanners?

Flatbed scanners resemble photocopiers, but instead of producing paper copies, scanners create digital files. All you need to do is place a flat item on top of the glass, close the door and start s... Read More »