Do flatbed scanners work work upside down?

Answer sure it will.i had mine on its side cuz i had very little desk space and alot of pc stuff, so i had no other choice.yes, it will work. they just scan anything at any angle.

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What are flatbed scanners?

A flatbed scanner is a device that is used to copy papers, book pages or photos and save them as digital files. Flatbed scanners open to reveal a piece of glass that you lay your document on. The a... Read More »

Facts About Flatbed Scanners?

Flatbed scanners resemble photocopiers, but instead of producing paper copies, scanners create digital files. All you need to do is place a flat item on top of the glass, close the door and start s... Read More »

Does the HP ScanJet 7450C flatbed scanner work with Vista?

The HP ScanJet 7450C flatbed scanner is compatible with the Windows Vista operating system. The scanner is also compatible with versions of Windows XP, 2000, 95 and NT 4.0, as well as Mac OS 9 and ... Read More »

Can i scan film negatives using normal flatbed scanners?

Yep, but your resolution will need to be exceptionally high, and once on the computer you'll have to have a program which can invert the image.I recommend "Picture it" version 2.0 for extreme prac... Read More »