What do flamingos eat?

Answer Flamingos eat a diet of green and red algae, small fish, crustaceans, mollusks and small insects. They use their bills to scoop up water and filter the creatures from it.Source:SeaWorld: Flamingos

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Are flamingos really pink?

Flamingos are pink in color due to the range of foods that they eat. Their diet is high in alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, which is the same substance in carrots that gives them their color. They... Read More »

Can flamingos be black?

There are four species of flamingos, including the James', lesser, Andean and Chilean, none of which are black. All flamingos range in color from white to pink to orange as adults. Chicks are a sla... Read More »

When do flamingos turn pink?

The Wild Ones website explains that flamingos are gray and white when they are young, and it takes about three years for their feathers to turn pink. The diet of flamingos consists mostly of crusta... Read More »

What does putting flamingos in your yard mean?

Pink plastic flamingos as a yard decoration during the late 1950s symbolized wealth, pizzazz and boldness. Nowadays, depending on your taste, putting pink plastic flamingos in a yard is either eye ... Read More »