Do fish get thirsty ?

Answer Sure. When they get out of water.

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Why am I so thirsty?

If I were in your place, Katie, with your body, hair and your breasts and everything that you have, I wouldn't drink that much water a day. I would drink so much more

Thirsty and bad memory?

Sorry man. You should take a blood test, definitely need to go to the doctors. This is important right now if you really do have diabetes. It's a possibility of diabetes... some symptoms of diabete... Read More »

Always thirsty?

Geez buddy, stress and diet can do some wicked things to our bodies if we let it.It is possible that you are suffering from a Vitamin B6 deficiency ~ this will produce terrible dry mouth which cann... Read More »

Why am i always thirsty?

You need to eat more, your body is compensating for lack of food by increasing its need for water.