Do finches eat thistle seeds whole?

Answer Finches delight in thistle seeds, properly called nijer seeds. Nijer seed is a small black seed imported from Africa and typically fed from a thistle sock feeder. Finches crack the seeds with their... Read More »

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When does musk thistle spread its seeds?

Musk thistle begins to spread its seed about two weeks after it first blooms. The biennial shoots begin to bolt in the early spring of its second year, from March to May. About 45 to 55 days later ... Read More »

Can I house zebra finches& spice finches in the same cage?

Finches have individual personalities. While zebra finches are generally too aggressive to live peaceably with spice finches, some unusually docile individuals will adapt to the interspecies relati... Read More »

Are whole sunflower seeds bad for you?

The shells of sunflower seeds are full of fiber and not bad for you to eat. However, eating too many or not thoroughly chewing whole sunflower seeds may cause you to become impacted.Source:National... Read More »

I forced my self to eat a lemon whole seeds skin stalk?

The whole lemon has many benefits. Fiber, Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, folate, beta carotene. They can help reduce stress and detox the body of harmful toxins. You can just bite into but I woul... Read More »