Do financial problems affect a presently owned savings bond?

Answer On One Hand: Savings Bonds Are GuaranteedOne of the benefits of government (EE/E) savings bonds is that their interest rates are guaranteed, and the up and down movement of the economy does not aff... Read More »

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How Does a Savings Account Affect Financial Aid?

Many parents and teens worry about saving enough money to pay for college. Interestingly, the more money a family saves, the less financial aid they will receive. This is because the formulas used ... Read More »

How do i cash in a u.s. savings bond?

Take the savings bond to any bank and cash it in. Bonds can only be redeemed for the registered owner so take valid identification. Savings bonds cannot be redeemed during the first year after issu... Read More »

What is a government savings bond?

Savings bonds are debt instruments issued by the United States government. Savings bonds are popular investments for children, because they can be owned by minors, unlike most other investments.Pur... Read More »

How to Report the Sale of U.S. Savings Bond to the IRS?

U.S. Savings Bonds are a type of government-issued discount coupon where you purchase the bond for half of the face value. When the bond is redeemed, you receive the face amount and the difference ... Read More »