Do fillings or teeth cleaned hurt more?

Answer I personally think that the cleaning is much worse than a filling.The shot hurts when you get a filling, but then you are completely numb. The cleaning is very, very uncomfortable IMO.

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Do teeth fillings hurt?

Some do. Some don't. Usually the needle and the associated numbness is the worst part though. I make a point of asking the dentist if the needle is really needed. Quite often you can have a sma... Read More »

Does is hurt getting your teeth cleaned?

Hurt, probably not, but it will most likely be uncomfortable. They'll have to scrape away all the tartar and stuff, but it'll be OK. You'll survive. Bring your ipod or whatever and listen to mus... Read More »

Im getting the wires for my braces tomorrow and few hours later cavity fillings will the fillings hurt...?

The cavity filling generally doesn't hurt any and the braces and the filling probably won't have any effect on each other. You probably have spacers so it's not uncommon for a tooth to get a bit lo... Read More »

Good To Have Teeth Cleaned More Often Than Six Months?

It depends on the amount of build up you get in 6 months. If it's not much, then it isn't necessary to get cleanings more often. I have some patients who come in every 3 or 4 months because their... Read More »