Do files on a desktop slow down the computer?

Answer On One Hand: Big Files on a Desktop Will Affect PerformanceKeeping a large amount of big files and programs on your desktop will slow down your computer. Keeping copies of files on your desktop use... Read More »

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Slow Desktop Computer?

I actually just went through this...I had a bunch of viruses on my computer that were untrackable, they couldnt be deleted, or removed, so of course it was slowing my computer down alot. I tried ev... Read More »

Does having to many desktop items slow down your computer?

No. Your computer has to use some of its graphics capability to display the icons, but that's a tiny portion of its capability, you'd never be able to measure the difference. 20 years ago you wou... Read More »

Does adding more desktop icons slow down your computer on start-up?

Desktop icons do not slow down your computer. Items added to your system tray, or to the startup group in your start menu under programs, slow down your computer. Any program you install that ru... Read More »

Whats the best way to transfer files from a computer to another!... (desktop to a laptop)...?

You sure can make a network, but you'll need a 'cross-over' ethernet cable, which is like a regular ethernet cable, but 2 of the wires are switched from one end to the other. Connect the cross cab... Read More »