Do files erase when updating iphone4?

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While i was updating my iPod touch 3rd Generation to os 4.0 and it said an error had occurred and stayed on the updating screen and won't do anything?

Wait till it runs out of batteries then plug it back in and follow the on screen instructions

My iPod 4 wont turn on! I tryed updating it and i think it failed mid updating.. Please help!?

This had happened to me a few times, what I did was hold the home and power button for three seconds. If you're still stuck in a "booting loop", put your iPod into recovery mode. It just means to m... Read More »

How do I erase files from CD-RW?

Erase Entire DiskInsert the CD-RW into your computers drive or CD burner. Click the start button and go to My Computer, or on your desktop click the "My Computer" icon. Find your CD-RW disk/drive... Read More »

How to Erase Files on a CD-R?

When using a CD-R to store your information, you may want to erase the contents of that CD-R after initially recording it. When using data CDs you can freely exchange the contents of the disc with ... Read More »