Do ferrets need extra insurance?

Answer Not deductible on your federal income tax return.

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Do you need extra car insurance to drive in Mexico?

You do not need extra insurance to drive in Mexico--you need a completely new policy. Mexico does not recognize American or Canadian car insurance. If involved in an accident, the consequences of n... Read More »

Do you need the extra insurance when renting a car?

On One Hand: People Are Already CoveredMost personal automobile insurance policies cover a rental car, so there is no need to purchase additional insurance through the rental car company. Accordin... Read More »

Do ferrets need bedding?

Ferrets live and travel in burrows and confined spaces. Providing bedding to pet ferrets gives them a sense of comfort and should be a part of their basic care. The American Ferret Association reco... Read More »

If the court has told you you need insurance within a month but you no longer have a car what type of insurance do you need?

Answer You will need non-owners insurance. Most companies offer this. This is for people without regular access to a vehicle.