Do ferrets need bedding?

Answer Ferrets live and travel in burrows and confined spaces. Providing bedding to pet ferrets gives them a sense of comfort and should be a part of their basic care. The American Ferret Association reco... Read More »

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Do ferrets need extra insurance?

Not deductible on your federal income tax return.

What Kind of Bedding Does a Baby Duck Need?

Raising baby ducks entails work. The process can be rewarding but must be done properly. Before bringing ducklings home, become educated on them and their needs. Purchase supplies and materials req... Read More »

Attention home decor gurus! I have a challenge for you! I need help with a bedding set!?

with the gold/yellow on the comforter i would pick a solid color for an accent, Keep it in the same "color depth". A rusty red, mid blue tones. i would get some color samples from the paint store t... Read More »

Ferrets & Ear Mites?

Ferrets are prone to getting ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) because they can catch ear mites from several other types of pets, according to Sharon Vanderlip, DVM. Ear mites, also called ear mange, c... Read More »