Do ferns have flowers?

Answer Ferns do not have flowers or seeds. Instead, ferns reproduce by spores or rhizomes. Flowering ferns can be found in Slavic folklore. The folklore tells of great riches to anyone who finds a fern fl... Read More »

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How to ID Ferns?

Ferns are a simple, shade-loving plant that has continued to thrive in woodland environments for over 300 million years. Ferns are one of the few plants that enjoy this setting. Instead of producin... Read More »

Ferns in the Rainforests?

With over 12,000 different species worldwide, ferns are a prolific variety of plant. Admired for their attractive leaves, they are cultivated as houseplants, but they also grow in the wild, especia... Read More »

How do ferns grow?

They produce spores and/or do vegetable reproduction.

How to Root Ferns?

Ferns endear themselves to many gardeners with their delicate foliage and elegantly spreading growth habit. Ferns occur naturally in a range of ecosystems, including moist woodlands and dry mountai... Read More »