Do female moose have antlers?

Answer Only male moose possess antlers, which they use to assert dominance during mating season. Antlers are comprised of living tissue covered in smooth skin, which develops from small bumps located on t... Read More »

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Do moose have antlers?

Each year, a male moose grows wide antlers that can measure up to 6 feet in diameter. The moose retains his antlers throughout the mating season in spring and summer, sheds them during the fall or ... Read More »

Do female elk have antlers?

The female elk does not grow antlers as the males of the species do, according to the "National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mammals." The females, called cows, are like all other ... Read More »

Do female deer have antlers?

Most female deer do not have antlers, with the exception of the female caribou. The caribou is in the order of Artioldactyl and is a member of the deer family. Domesticated caribou are known as rei... Read More »

Can female whitetail deer have antlers?

Male whitetail deer, scientifically named Odocoileus virginianus, grow antlers in the spring and shed them in the fall. Females of this species do not usually have antlers. Occasionally a female wi... Read More »