Do female whitetail deer have horns?

Answer The female white-tailed deer rarely grows antlers. A small percentage will develop antlers because of a chemical imbalance, according to the National Audubon Society. The males develop antlers, she... Read More »

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Which female cow has horns?

The appearance of horns on the female cows as well as the male bulls appears in more than one species of cow. Among these are the Danish Red, the White Park and the Texas Longhorn. In some breeds, ... Read More »

Are cows female&bulls male?

Animals belonging to the bovine family--commonly called "cows" or "cattle"--are one of two distinct genders: male and female. While it is common to refer to female cattle as "cows" and males as "b... Read More »

Are cows both male&female?

Cows are both male and female. When differentiating between the sexes, a female cow is called a "cow," and a male cow is called a "bull." Heifers are young female cows that have not yet given birth... Read More »

Why do locomotives have to have both bells and whistles (or horns)?

good questionI have always thought if you dont hear the whistle, what good is the bell going to do?However there are many communities that have enacted "quiet zones" where we are not required to so... Read More »