Do female dogs have menstrual periods?

Answer Female dogs do not have menstrual periods, which is the loss of the uterine lining after ovulation on a monthly cycle. Dogs instead have what is referred to as an unseasonally monestrous or estrus ... Read More »

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Why do women sync up on their periods?

Mother Nature likes it that way:-)(Hormones...etc.)

What did women do with their periods before tampons and pads?

A couple of people had it some what right.Women typically used to either A) wear tight underpants with an extra thick gusset, or B) used specially designated rags that they would insert the way mod... Read More »

Are female anthropomorphic animals supposed to have breasts or not?

'Anthropomorphic' means to give something human characteristics. There are different degrees of anthropomorphism - an animal may just talk or think like a human, or walk and dress like one too, or ... Read More »

Can laptops scan even when they are shut down for their scheduled scanning periods?

you know when the computer says "updating computer do not shut down"it doesn't say that because the computer can operate while turned offno