Do fava beans grow in Wisconsin?

Answer Fava or broad beans are a hardy cold weather crop and can be grown in places like Wisconsin, where the summer climate is milder. Plant after the last spring frost. Sow seeds 1 to 2 inches deep, 2 t... Read More »

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Will fava beans grow in Washington State?

Fava beans can grow in Washington State. It is a common cover crop that is planted in October because it grows in the fall and winter. Fava beans absorb nitrogen from the air and release it into th... Read More »

Are broad beans and fava beans the same thing?

Definitely. I had to make a modification to Wikipedia because my Dad's fava/broad beans grew taller than what Wikipedia stated...

Can fava beans be eaten raw?

A disease known as favism is contracted by some people who eat raw or partially cooked fava beans. The alkaloids in the bean causes hemolytic anemia. Males of European ancestry are most often affec... Read More »

How do i cook with dried fava beans?

While buying dried fava beans instead of canned or fresh beans can save you money and space, dried fava beans can be tricky to cook properly. With some care, however, they can be just as good as fr... Read More »