Do faucet aerators conserve water?

Answer Faucet aerators help to direct the flow of water and, especially in the instance of homes where water is provided by a well, help to trap particulates before they enter your cup, bowl or pan. The m... Read More »

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Are faucet aerators universal?

Faucet aerators vary in size. Older faucets can take sizes such as 13/16-inch or 3/4-inch. Modern faucets will most likely take a 15/16-inch aerator. Some aerators come with adapters that allow the... Read More »

What can we do to help conserve water?

On One Hand: Purchase Water-Conserving AppliancesMany new appliances use less water than their traditional counterparts. Front-load washing machines use about 40 percent less water than traditional... Read More »

C4 plants conserve water by?

opening their stomata and admitting C02 only at night

How to Conserve Water in Your Garden?

Water is an everyday necessity that we often take for granted. Our survival depends on water, and yet we waste it every day, and often just by watering our garden. If you are interested in ways to ... Read More »